National Level Events

·        1. Mathematical Puzzle:- A school has to bring their own puzzle and supporting material. The puzzle should have some mathematical significane and students should know about the history of the puzzle brought.

   2.  Mathematics Quiz:-  In Maths quiz there will be two rounds. The 1st round will have 30 to 40 questions. The marks will be negative in nature. The best 6 team will be selected for second round that consists of :-- Picture quiz, buzzer round, rapid fire round, Movie and song section, puzzle section, MCQ

·          3. Mathematical Model :- A school can bring any live mathematical models or any models in the contest. Supporting materials such as laptops, pages, documents should also be brought with the models

·         4.  Vedic Mathematics:-15 to 20 questions will be given to solve to students in 5- 7 minutes. Student will also have to write the formula used to reach their answer. There is no need to show their answer in details.

·         5.Why and How in Mathematics:- Students will have to give mathematical reasoning or proof of the question asked.

 6.   Extempore:- Studnet will have to choose a topic of their own interest to speak. The time of the presentation will be 5 minutes. History of the topic should also be emphasised. The topic choosen for the extempore should be from the School syllabus of Class 7 to 12.

7.     7. Math Relay :- A group of 2 - 3 students will be appearing in Relay contest. It is a game of collaborative efforts. A group will be given a set of 3 questions. Studnets of a group will be made to sit in a column so that each can have 1 question to be solved. The answer of 1st question is the key to solve the second question and the answer of 2nd question will give clue to the third participant to answer his question. Time alloted for this event is 5 minutes to 10 minutes.




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Our main goal is to eliminate weaknesses of students in basics of mathematics and to create & develop interest in the subject of mathematics.

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